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Get media coverage

The main objective of a press release is to appear in the media. That is, get them to talk about your company in newspapers, radio, television, digital media, etc.

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Let journalists know you

When you start sending out press releases, it’s possible that they won’t have as much coverage as you’d hoped. By disseminating press releases, you are making journalists aware of your company and including it in their network of contacts.

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Improve SEO positioning

People who read the news can search your business name on Google and access your website, which will improve organic traffic.

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Differentiate from the competition

As in any other sector, there are surely many companies in your business that do the same thing. Media presence is an effective way to differentiate yourself and position yourself as a benchmark in your sector , even if you are not the largest or most innovative company.

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Write your press release

Write a headline, an introduction and at least three paragraphs. Organize your categories and tags.
If you need it, we have our own press release writing service.


We validate your press release

Our team of journalists checks that everything in your note is correct. In less than 24 hours your note will be free of spelling mistakes and structure errors.


Distribute your press release

Distribute your press release all over the world, increase your business, gain brand recognition, and expose your brand to the right audience, industry, interests, and geography.. 


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Media, Events and more

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Get Syndicated on Major News Sites

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